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Thursday, July 30, 2015

CD Review – Doctor Who Unbound: Sympathy for the Devil

The year is 1997, and a stranger arrives in Hong Kong, decades later than he thought he would be returning to Earth. It’s the eve of the Handover, the return of Hong Kong to China, and the Doctor finds a world that’s had to survive without him for the last few decades, and it’s a world that is not the better for it.

An advanced Chinese stealth bomber, capable of flying while completely invisible, crashes into the Hong Kong countryside, sending the Doctor in pursuit of a mystery. Along the way he finds an old friend who is desperate to forget the horrors of his own past, a disgraced version of U.N.I.T. led by a less than ethical commander, and an old enemy as trapped on Earth as the Doctor now is.

And in the midst of it all, an ancient evil is awakening…

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Devlin's Domain - Intruder

There's plenty of 80's blood and guts on this week's edition of Devlin's Domain. I'm bringing it back to some old school, classic, slasher movies this time.

Comic Book Wednesday – Previews August 2015: Man-Bat’s Ugly Thighs

If you don’t know, Previews is the catalogue that Diamond Comic Distributors use to offer the products they distribute to comic book stores around the country. This is where you can view and order (through your favorite Local Comic Book Shop) comic books, trade paperback collections, t-shirts, books, media, and toys and other collectibles from hundreds of different vendors that deal in geek-oriented merchandise. The genius part is that you actually have to pay for your copy of Previews for the privilege of ordering other things to pay for. It’s like the Ren Fest except without the horse poo smell.

So every month a new edition of Previews is sent out to comic book stores. Contained in the pages within are products that might be currently available or could be released anytime in the next year; but typically about two months away. 

Grab your copy of Previews and let's look at a few of the weird and/or wonderful items offered in this month’s edition.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: The Progress Report

I am finally starting to get excited about Dragon Con.
It’s not Dragon Con’s fault that it’s taken so long for those fires to start burning – it’s mine. While Needless Things has been going strong and the Needless Things Podcast has become weekly and has turned into something I’m very proud of; in a weird way I sort of took 2015 off.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 65 – 2015 San Diego Comic Con Part 2 – The Movies

For the first time, Needless Things is going beyond our normal toy talk in our annual look at San Diego Comic Con! This year was so big it required two episodes – one for the toys and one for the various media happenings. Today’s Part 2 focuses on the big movie trailers and reveals that happened this year!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Looking at this Year’s Geek Trailers from 2015’s SDCC

Just shy of a couple of weeks back there was some event out in California that at least a few of you may have heard of called San Diego Comic Con. Part of the fun of SDCC for those who can’t/don’t attend is the inevitable electronic landslide, both official and not quite all that official, of news about upcoming genre films and television shows. For those of us that didn’t make the trek west, this year had a lot of stuff coming our way, particularly where trailers were concerned. Now that we’ve given it a week to see what else might come out after SDCC turned off the lights for the year, let’s look at the trailer highlights.