Monday, March 27, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 153 - Mikal Mosley

A Very Special WrestleMania Monday Episode!

Phantom Troublemaker talks to wrestler and cosplayer Mikal Mosley on this special bonus episode of the Needless Things Podcast!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 152 – Toy Stories LIVE at Toylanta 2017

LIVE from Toylanta 2017 (formerly Joelanta and the Great Atlanta Toy Convention), Phantom Troublemaker hosts an all-new Toy Stories panel!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Iron Fist – The Last Defender Finally Arrives

By Jerry Chandler

Marvel’s batting average on Netflix has been pretty good so far. Daredevil had many people changing their tune about how Marvel was unable to get its act together on the small screen; Jessica Jones was tremendously well received by fans and critics alike; Luke Cage brought things to a whole new level even if the series fell off a bit in the last few episodes. All that was needed to properly ready fans for The Defenders was the premier of the series featuring the last of the four of them. So last weekend Netflix dropped Iron Fist for binge hungry superhero fans everywhere. Iron Fist was to square off against an adversary that none of the others had to fight though.

The show faced a social controversy over the casting of the lead character long before the first scene was ever shot. When it became clear that the powers that be were not going to change the course of their casting choices, there seemed to be a growing chorus of people who wanted the show to fail no matter what. This was above and beyond the now expected gaggle of critics who these days simply cheers on the idea of “Marvel’s first big bomb” before every new Marvel release. When the flood of negative reviews- some even referencing the casting issue -came in during the week before its release, it created a bit of an issue. Where the reviews completely legitimate or were some of them negative because they wanted to be negative no matter what? Sure, every franchise has to make an inevitable misstep, but was the show truly as bad on so many levels as they were saying or was this in part the tail trying to wag the dog? That was at least one of the things on my mind when I sat down to start watching Iron Fist last Friday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Phantom Troublemaker’s Life of Movies

By Phantom Troublemaker

What a fucking chore this turned out to be!

I saw a Facebook post by our good friend Chad J. Shonk on Sunday morning that was a list of his favorite movie from each year that he has been alive. I thought it was neat and I’m pretty much a sucker for gimmicky new ways to make lists of favorite things, so I decided I’d participate. Of course, once I got started I realized a few things:

*This undertaking would certainly produce enough material for a Needless Things article rather than a mere Facebook post

*Browsing through every movie made (listed on Wikipedia) in the last forty years was going to take many hours

*There were going to be quite a few years where it was incredibly difficult to pick a favorite

*Wikipedia is the drizzling shits as far as accuracy goes; it took me two different lists to do this and I still think there are some movies that got overlooked

*Hollywood has produced far, far more movies that I don’t care about than it has movies I do and of those an overwhelming majority are hot garbage

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

20 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

by Beth

“If the apocalypse comes beep me.” If you're under 20 a reference to our long lost primitive forms of communication might not make a lot of sense to you. But hey, if you're under 20 you're probably not reading about a show that's older than you are anyway. I guess in your parlance it would be “snap me”. Whatever the hell that means. Okay really I do know what that means, but I've got enough social media in my life. You kids can keep the snaps all to yourselves.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Toy Review – One:12 Collective DC Comics Flash from Mezco Toys

By Phantom Troublemaker
Wally West is my Flash.

I know that Geoff Johns Rebirthed Barry Allen however long ago that was now, but I first started liking the Scarlet Speedster on Justice League. As with many DC characters, I didn’t truly appreciate Flash until his depiction in the DC Animated Universe, where the combination of brilliant writing and Michael Rosenbaum’s natural charm made Wally West one of the best characters on the show.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 151: Hard Ticket to Hawaii Needless Commentary

Part of an ongoing series – the Needless Things Irregulars gather in the Phantom Zone to provide their own unique commentary on classic genre films!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reviewing ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and Looking at Where We Go from Here

By Jerry Chandler

Okay, I’m going to assume that most of you who stick your head in here at Needless Things are the types to have already gone to see Kong: Skull Island already. If you haven’t, go see it this weekend and come back for this afterwards. I’m going to remain as spoiler free as possible in the initial portion of the column, but, and I will warn you when we’re about to get into spoiler territory, there’s no way to not talk spoilers when talking about what the events seen in Kong: Skull Island credits stinger mean or where we could be headed because of that. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Toy Review – DC Icons Batgirl from DC Collectibles

By Phantom Troublemaker

If I didn’t already own hundreds of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics action figures I would absolutely be collecting DC Collectibles’ Icons. Well, if they cost less I would be. But I’ll still pick up favorite characters from time to time like Harley Quinn, Batman, and Deadman. The Deadman is by far the best action figure of that character that I own. Batman would be if not for the One:12 Dark Knight Returns figure. And that Harley is simply outstanding. If you don’t have her, I recommend you find one.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Princess of Antar: Christina's Character Study on Roswell's Isabel Evans

By Christina

“Oh…I…I killed a person.  An alien?  An enemy?  Does that make it ok?  Oh God, what was she talking about?  She said I betrayed my family.  Is it true?  Oh, is it true?  Am I a terrible person?”

Straight A student.  Most popular in school.  Loves her mother and father.  Outgoing.  Dreams of being a supermodel someday.  Is also the Princess of an alien planet, has alien powers that allow her to walk in peoples dreams, can manipulate the molecular structure of objects, can incinerate people with the wave of a hand and shove people out of doors with her mind, and is also trying to stop an inter-galactic war before it threatens the picture-perfect life that she enjoys on Earth.  So…not your average teenager.

In Part Two of my four-part character study of the Royal Four of the TV Show Roswell, I dissect (wow, poor word choice,) Isabel Evans.  The pretty and popular human woman-slash-Princess of Antar.  Warning:  Spoilers ahead.