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Friday, August 28, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 70 – Dragon Con 2015: The ESO Network

2015 Dragon Con coverage continues on the Needless Things Podcast! In this week’s episode, Phantom talks to Mike Gordon and Mike Faber of the Earth Station One Podcasting Network!

Dragon Con 2015: Countdown To DC - A Dragon Highlights Review

My first experience with this wonderful convention was in 2004.  If I recall, I found out about it because of a fan group for the TV show The Tribe, pointing out to me that actors from the show had been there the year before and would be again that year.  As a supporter of the show and its cast I naturally signed up for the convention.  I didn’t realize I would be signing up for an life experience instead.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: My Dragon Con

My first Dragon Con was back in back in 2006. That makes me, according to some, a veteran attendee, but I still think you may as well keep calling yourself a newbie until well past your 15th Dragon Con.

The reasoning for that is simple- A veteran in many other endeavors is sometimes defined as someone who has been there and back enough times to have done and seen it (almost) all. Given the size of the convention, as well as the growth rate of the convention over the last six years, it’s impossible to really come close to doing that in six, seven, or even ten Dragon Cons.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Devlin's Domain - The Conspiracy

What do you know, it's another low budget, indie, found footage film. Wait a minute, didn't I just review the exact same type of movie last week? Is that a coincidence? Or is this some kind of conspiracy? Find out in Devlin's Domain.

Dragon Con 2015: Starbase Geek on Convention Etiquette - Part One

We're pretty lucky as geeks when it comes to conventions. In the past when I was growing up, there were only a few conventions that catered to geeks, and they were normally held in the summer. Now we have conventions throughout the entire year all across America and the world. One thing that drives me nuts though is when I go to one and see a lack of convention etiquette by other geeks. Some of the rules I like to live by at cons are just common manners, but others have come around just by observing how people act at cons. This is something that my brother and I talk about quite a bit when we're at a con as the actions of some con goers drive us crazy. Here are some of my rules for convention etiquette, broken into sections.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: Horror Track Director Interview

Today my pre-con adventures take us to the world of horror. More specifically, the horror track of Dragon Con. I had the chance to ask the director of the Horror Track a few questions. They're bringing us all kinds of goodies this year so get your sneak peek on here.

Monday, August 24, 2015